AU Thursday - Live from the Milford Renewable Energy Fair

Apr 25, 2012

Access Utah is broadcasting live Thursday from the Milford Renewable Energy Fair, sponsored by the Southwest Utah Renewable Energy Center (SUTREC).

As the home of First Wind's Milford Wind Project, the Blundell Geothermal Plant, the Cyrq Energy Geothermal plant and Utah's first hydroelectric power plant, Beaver County and the City of Milford is at the center of Utah's renewable energy industry.

Tom Williams will be on location at the fair and our Access Utah program will feature a conversation with Jake Hardman, SUTREC coordinator, and Samantha Mary Julian, Director of the Utah Office of Energy Development, and Jeffrey Barrett, a renewable energy coordinator for the Office of Energy Development.

We'll also interview Andy Swapp, the organizer of the Milford Renewable Energy Fair and Mark Whittney,  Beaver County Commissioner.