Apartment Complex Evacuated After Resident Commits Suicide by Carbon Monoxide

Oct 30, 2012

One man is dead and a Logan apartment complex has had to be evacuated as police respond to a reported suicide by carbon monoxide.

Logan Police arrived at The Riverwalk Apartment Complex near the Logan River at about noon on Tuesday after receiving a call that an apartment was filled with chemicals. Authorities began evacuating residents due to suspected high levels of carbon monoxide in the building. A hazmat team was called in and the body of a 26 year old male was recovered. Captain Curtis Hooley says authorities are calling the death a suicide.

"There was some combustion source found in the apartment and that's what created the carbon monoxide."

Residents of the complex were scattered on the lawn waiting behind the police tape to hear any news of what was going on. 24-year-old Randy Martin lives next door to the victim and says she was given five minutes to leave her apartment.

"I just saw people in yellow suits going into the apartment. People collaborating and running around in the yellow tent. They wouldn't tell us anything so that was the biggest problem, just sitting out here not knowing what was going on. Finally the manager told us that our neighbors on the other side, somebody killed themself."

Martin’s  neighbor Elisabeth Folkner said while she did not know the victim she was troubled by the man’s passing, "No one had any clue that he was suicidal that I know of. It kind of hit everyone pretty hard."

The identity of the man and details surrounding his death are yet to be released.