Annual Science Week Begins At Utah State University

Jan 29, 2014

Keeping with decades of tradition, this week Utah State University’s College of Science is holding its annual “Science Week”.

Utah State University's annual "Science Week" is scheduled from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1.
Credit Utah State University Physics Department

Michelle Shook, Utah State University’s Science Council President said the week helps the students and public to connect to the college.

"We just want students to have a lot of interesting like engaging and fun activities just you know because students love activities and that’s good," said Shook. "We also just really want to have some good exposure for the College of Science. Sometimes new people don’t know what another college does, you know if they’re in Engineering, they might not know about the Physics Department or if they’re in English, they might not know about Chemistry, something like that. So you can kind of, you know, start some dialogue that way through fun activities.”

Activities for the week include networking opportunities, a science bowl between professors and students, movies, science demos, competitions and culminates in a "Smarty Pants Dance".

Each year, Science Week is planned and executed by the Science Senator and students of the USU Science Council.

"Science Week is a lot of work, I will say that. It’s challenging to get it done along with your classes and, you know, your job and that kind of thing because we’re all students on the Science Council and the Senator is a student," said Shook. "It’s been a lot of fun; it’s super rewarding, but it’s a lot of work."

Activities for the week are scheduled daily from Jan, 27 to Feb. 1. For more information on Science Week, visit the website.