Amid Rain Showers, Shingle Fire Holding Steady at 8,200 Acres

Jul 5, 2012

After several days of multiplying acreage, the Shingle Fire in Kane County has remained an 8,200-acre blaze for 2 days. But generally cooler temperatures, higher relative humidity, and even some rain fall has helped the 350 or so firefighters stabilize fire lines.

Even though the fire hasn't gained new acreage for 2 days, it is still only 10% contained. The aggressive aerial bombardment of water and fire retardant also continues.

A town meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening in Duck Creek Village to inform residents on the present fire situation.

The closed portions of SR-14 and US 89 are scheduled to reopen on Friday, and several of the half dozen evacuation orders will expire Friday and Saturday as the threat to structures has abated.