Air Quality -- A Grassroots Look on Monday's Access Utah

Feb 11, 2013


Air quality is today's topic on the program. We'll be taking a grassroots angle on the anger and protest regarding this issue. Utah has been known for having the worst air in the nation, and many Utahns are taking matters into their own hands. 

Joining us is University of Utah student Carl Ingwell who created a Facebook campaign called "Let Governor Herbert Know That We Can't Breathe"  and was involved in a rally at the Capital last Wednesday. Also joining us is Marjorie McCloy who has a clean-air petition aimed at Governor Herbert called "Clean Up Our Air" stating that the Governor should follow the advice of more that 60 physicians who requested that he declare a public health emergency in Salt Lake and surrounding communities.

We are also joined by USU Professor Jean Lown who has created a drive seeking contributions for a competition aimed at coming up with the best ideas to solve our air-quality problem. She is joined by Amy Odum, a  USU professor of behavior psychology. 

Connect with others on this issue via Pinterest with a group focusing on air pollution in northern Utah.

Other sources include the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah and Utah Moms for Clean Air.