AARP Website Helps Utahns Find Health Care Coverage

Nov 1, 2013

A new website from the AARP provides users with options for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

A website run buy the AARP can help Utahns of all ages figure out their options under the Affordable Care Act. 

The American Association of Retired Persons’ new free website,, asks users seven questions and then provides options for health insurance coverage.

The site does not sell health insurance in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, but it does give users information on what type of insurance to buy.

"It doesn't enroll you directly in the program," said Laura Polacheck, communications director for AARP Utah. "Only the government can do that, but what we hope to do through the website is make it more specific as to where you live, gender, what kind of insurance you have now, so it really narrows down what your choices will be."

Utah is the youngest state in the country with more than one-third of the population under the age of 18, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The site provides information on what provisions of the law will affect young people.

Polacheck said the law allows youths to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until age 26, among other benefits.

"There are also a lot of benefits of having to deal with pre-existing conditions, which a lot of young people might have," she said. "You can't be rejected by an insurance company if you have that kind of condition, and there are no limits on lifetime or annual benefits, so all those provisions really help people of any age."

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