AARP Releases 2012 Voter Guide for Retired Voters

Sep 27, 2012

To help better inform Utah's retired residents about the upcoming election, the American Association of Retired Persons has released a 2012 voter's guide. The guide is available nationwide but has been catered to each state.

Danny Harris is the Associate State Director of Utah's AARP. Kerry Bringhurst talked to Harris about the voter's guide:

"For 2012 we've collected the public statements that federal candidates have made related to Medicare, Social Security, and financial security in retirement for all the races in the U.S. House, the Senate and the Presidency, and we've also reached out to every state house race, state senate race and the governor's race as well regarding important state budget and health care issues.

"Americans have worked hard for their Medicare and social security benefits and they've earned the right to know what changes politicians are putting on the table. They deserve the right to know where the candidates stand on those issues, what they'll do with them in the future, so they know what they're getting."

Read the AARP voting guide online.