"9,000 Miles of Fatherhood" on Monday's Access Utah

May 5, 2014

Seven moves in seven years as a pre-teen cursed Kirk Millson with a pathologically low tolerance for routine. After terrorizing his wife, Alison, with several near-death wilderness experiences, he toughened up his young children on a steady diet of desert excursions until their luck changed and his career intervened. 

Credit 9000miles.net

Free of the restrictions of corporate America, "9,000 Miles of Fatherhood" follows a workaholic and his emotionally estranged 13-year-old son on a four-month long journey to Panama's Darien Gap in this true, no-frills travelogue. In spite of robbers, corrupt law enforcement, and their sub-par Spanish, or perhaps because of them, Kirk Millson and his son Peter undergo astonishing transformations. This hilarious yet hair-raising memoir follows a timid boy's rise from D-student to straight-A academic juggernaut and his father s rediscovery of a purpose far greater than the job he left behind.