4th District Fundraising Race Heats Up

Jul 19, 2012

With the upcoming election less than 4 months away, candidates are going all out to raise as much money as they can. The sprint for monetary support is most prevalent in the race for Utah's new 4th congressional district.

Democratic Representative Jim Matheson raised $361,000 for his re-election bid for Congress between April and June. 

Right on Matheson's coattails is Saratoga Springs mayor and tea-party favorite Mia Love.  The Love campaign raised $355,000 between April and June, a period before and after she locked up the GOP nomination at the state convention. Love received support from big Republican names including House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Arizona Senator John McCain.

The national support is expected to continue for both Mia Love and Representative Matheson as their parties listed Utah's new 4th congressional district as a top priority.