2013 Logan Mayoral Debate, Question-by-Question

Nov 1, 2013

With the upcoming Logan mayoral election fast-approaching, the candidates are rallying their forces for the final push to victory.

The two mayoral candidates for Logan (Left: Craig Peterson, Right: Randy Watts) square off this week for the victory.
Credit loganutah.org

As part of this final effort, a mayoral debate was held on the Utah State University campus Wednesday. Both candidates had 90 seconds to respond to questions revolving around their candidacy and the city of Logan, UT, then 30 seconds to present a rebuttal.

The election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5 at voting locations around the Logan area.

For an audio recording of the entire debate uninterrupted, visit http://upr.org/post/mayoral-candidates-square-logan-debate.

Introduction to the two candidates:

Why are you running for mayor?

What do you see as the most pressing issue for Logan within the next four years?

What steps can be taken to address traffic congestion on main street while maintaining road quality in Logan?

How do you plan to address the concerns of residents regarding the winter parking dilemmas on city streets?

What steps would you take in the next four years to help resolve or address the air quality crisis in Logan City?

What will you do to foster a positive relationship between the residents of Logan and its police department?

How do you plan on keeping a positive relationship between Utah State University and Logan City?

In what ways would you, as mayor, promote business and economic growth in Logan and the greater Cache Valley area?

How do you define fiscal responsibility in running a city and how would you implement fiscal responsibility in running Logan?

How would you increase transparency between Logan residents and the mayor’s office if you were elected?

With student-centric development and increasing density, what should the city do to help aid relationships between the student body and the other members of the community?

What do you love about living in Logan?

Closing statements: