20-Year-Old In Custody After Social Media Threat To Local Schools

May 14, 2018

The Salina City Police have a 20-year-old in custody after an apparent threat to local schools was posted on the man’s social media account.

The threat was on a Snapchat story with a picture of someone holding a large military style bullet. The caption of the picture read, “don’t go to school tomorrow.”

Officers from the Salina City Police were able to determine that the snap was intended as a hoax.

Parker Martin was still arrested for a 3rd-degree felony terrorist threat and booked into the Sevier County Jail.

Sevier County Sheriff Nate Curtis says the man said he was just joking, but he could still face zero to five years in prison with the charge.

“We really take it serious. It’s not one of those we go ‘ah, it’s just somebody crying wolf again,” Curtis says. “We respond as if it’s a real threat every time.”

The Police Department is thanking those who noticed the Snap and brought it to their attention.