Steve Eaton


Steve Eaton is a freelance writer who lives in Logan. He writes a column for the Deseret News and is a beloved commentator on Utah Public Radio.


1:02 pm
Thu July 11, 2013

Star Trek: A stressful experience for Steve Eaton

The new Star Trek movie is out, but Steve Eaton may or may not be at the theater. He has PTSTPRTS: Post Traumatic Star Trek Public Relations Trauma Syndrome from a traumatic experience with Cpt. Kirk and Spock. He tells us why you may be postponed from seeing the movie.

Listen to Steve tell you about Star Trek

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10:51 am
Wed August 15, 2012

My Big Mouth

Steve Eaton talks today about the trouble he's gotten into when the words tumble from his mouth. Always in good humor and fun, sometimes the wrong things come out. And sometimes, they're the right things. 

11:31 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Wedding Announcements and Photos

Why should all wedding announcement pictures be the same? Steve Eaton thinks they should be as unique as the individual. 

10:56 am
Tue June 19, 2012

Garage Sale Lessons

Steve Eaton talks all about the tricks of getting just what you want, and maybe what you don't really need, at a garage sale. 

11:17 am
Tue June 12, 2012

A Dog's Life with Steve Eaton

Steve Eaton talks about the dogs in his life, the four legged ones, and the lessons we can learn from them. 

3:55 pm
Tue May 8, 2012

Camping Regrets with Steve Eaton

"The weather's warming up which means it's time to remember the colossal mistake."

8:56 am
Wed April 4, 2012

Is It Ever Okay to Eat a Cookie Before 7:00 AM?

Every family has an official designated shopper. Steve Eaton's family has a strict list of approved foods and forbidden food. As a columnist, it's his responsibility to talk about important issues of the day like eating chocolate chip cookies before 7:00 a.m. Also about the relationship between pink slime and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

4:19 pm
Tue March 27, 2012

Sleep Deprivation is a Competitive Sport

Steve Eaton proposes a National Nap Initiative: Take a Stand Lying Down.

3:27 pm
Tue March 20, 2012

Steve Eaton Spends a Day in Mitt's Shoes

Mitt's been in such a good mood lately...Steve doesn't want to be around when he finds out he doesn't get to be president. Still, he feels a little bit sorry for him and is willing to bet you $10,000 that you wouldn't want to be him.

4:33 pm
Thu March 15, 2012

An Evening with the 1 Percent

Steve Eaton went to a Mariners game once and sat in a suite, where people talked about banking and where there was free food, and it was not like any all-you-can-eat buffet he'd ever been to.