Ryan Cunningham

Ryan began reporting for UPR in the fall of 2012. He is a graduate of Utah State University with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ryan is originally from Indiana, but he now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Election 2012
12:22 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Lt. Governor Candidates Debate at USU

Audience members take in a debate between Lt. Governor hopefuls Greg Bell and Vince Rampton.
Credit UPR

The one and only debate between Lieutenant Governor candidates Greg Bell and Vince Rampton took place on Wednesday at Utah State University.  Republican incumbent Bell and Democratic challenger Rampton argued their positions on public lands, the economy, and the budget, among other things.

Perhaps the biggest issue discussed by the candidates was the cost of higher education. Rampton criticizes Governor Gary Herbert for not doing enough to fund state colleges.

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Utah Crime and Courts
11:41 am
Thu November 1, 2012

Hearing Held for Fatal Ogden Drug Raid

Matthew David Stewart, the man at the center of a deadly shootout in Ogden last January, was in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing. The shootout occurred after authorities presented a search warrant to inspect Stewart’s home for marijuana. It resulted in the death of an officer, as well as five wounded officers.

Nate Carlisle of the Salt Lake Tribune has been following this story. He spoke with UPR’s Ryan Cunningham about the hearing.

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Superstorm Sandy
11:19 am
Wed October 31, 2012

Red Cross in Utah Seeking Post-Sandy Blood Donors

Flag of the Red Cross.

In just one day, Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast. There are massive damages to infrastructure, power outages, and dozens of deaths.

Watching from Utah can make it seem hopeless to reach out, but the American Red Cross says Utahns can do plenty by donating badly-needed blood and platelets.

John Petersen of the Red Cross in Utah:

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UPR Feature Story
5:09 pm
Thu October 25, 2012

Mental Illness Awareness, Part 3: Coming Out

Earlier this month the National Association of Mental Illness held awareness events to help dispel myths and promote understanding. This week Utah Public Radio introduced you to three of our contributors -- April Ashland, Ryan Cunningham, and Storee Powell. Today, we continue their brave conversation in the hopes that listeners can feel better prepared and open to understanding mental illness.

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Arts and Culture
4:50 pm
Thu October 25, 2012

Utah Talents Get A Chance to Shine at Boyé Concert

Singer Lorisa Pulotu rehearses with the USU Chamber Singers.
Credit Ryan Cunningham

It might not sound like it, but this is a university classroom at work. Obviously, this isn’t the kind of class with droning lectures and drooling students. This is, in fact, the USU Chamber Singers, and instead of studying for the next big exam, they’re preparing for the next big performance—this time with professional singer Alex Boyé.

USU Director of Choral Activities Dr. Cory Evans, says his singers are looking forward to the performance on Friday night.

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UPR Feature Story
10:18 am
Wed October 24, 2012

Mental Illness Awareness, Part 2: "You Don't Look Mentally Ill"

Inspired by Mental Illness Awareness Week this month, a group of Utah Public Radio interns and reporters began sharing their personal experiences with mental illness. These were not stories about their observations of others who deal with mental illness; these were their stories.

During Part 2 of our series on Mental Illness Awareness series, we begin listening to a conversation between Storee Powell, Ryan Cunningham, and April Ashland as they work through some of the myths associated with mental illness.

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Utah Education
4:09 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

Tibetan Monks Share Their Culture at USU

All this week at Utah State University, the religious studies program has invited two Buddhist monks to demonstrate the sacred art of sand mandalas.

Passersby may notice what looks a lot like a section of the student "Hub" roped off around two robed men. What those men will be envisioning is their own small piece of heaven—a suitable space to create a sand mandala. The sand mandala is an ancient Tibetan art form made by arranging colored sand in geometrical patterns. Dr. Hun Lye, professor of East Asian Religion at Davidson College, says the process is very symbolic. 

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Utah Environment
4:42 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

Coyotes Fascinate, Puzzle Researchers in Utah

A model of a coyote wearing a tracking collar, used to track wild coyotes.

Dr. Julie Young is a wildlife biologist at the National Wildlife Research Center's field station in Millville, Utah. As one might guess from the yipping and howling frequently heard at the 165-acre site, Young studies coyotes.

One has to wonder why coyotes howl in the first place. What are they saying to each other, if anything? As it turns out, Young and her team of researchers has pondered the same question and are still vexed by the mystery.

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Utah Environment
2:16 pm
Tue October 16, 2012

Concern and Celebration on the Colorado River

Latino leaders gathered last week in Yuma, Arizona, to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month—and to stress the importance of the Colorado River.

Two years ago, the Colorado's water use – by Utah, six other states and Mexico – officially outstripped its total annual flow. Experts say the river is slowly drying up, with a combination of over-consumption, drought and climate change. Sal Rivera of the group Nuestro Rio says the Colorado has been used for centuries by Latinos for farming and recreation, but they can no longer assume it will be around forever.

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Utah Transportation
12:49 pm
Tue October 16, 2012

Before Winter, Brush Up on Those Driving Skills

The Utah roads will soon be icy and snowy, and it may be time to reevaluate your driving habits before you have to navigate them. AARP Utah offers a four-hour driver safety course for anyone who sits behind the wheel. Paulette Welch, the driver safety coordinator, says most older adults haven't received any driving instruction since they were teenagers – and a lot has changed since then.

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