Robert Gillies

Meteorologist, Utah Climate Center

Robert Gillies is the Director of the Utah Climate Center and the State Climatologist.

The latest climate forecast for the inversion changes the predictions for the coming inversion. Rob Gilles said this current inversion is shaping up to be a much bigger event, rather than a single instance.

"What was predicted to be a late January to early February probability of inversion is now connected to the current ridging and together form a huge event," he said. 

A tasty forecast today. It will make you hungry to go outdoors.

Today's forecast is an amazing extended metaphor for an intensifying trough. Translation: "It's spring! And it's beautiful!"

Here comes a weak but persistent high pressure front. Enjoy the pleasant breezes.

"White is the flavor of the day".... listen to the Utah Climate Center's forecast for details.

A "salubrious sixty degrees" in St. George and other pleasant news...