Robert Davies

Meteorologist, Utah Climate Center

Robert Davies is a Utah-trained physicist and educator. Arriving at Utah State University in 1991, Rob studied upper atmospheric physics and electrical interactions between spacecraft and the near-Earth space environment. He has worked for NASA as a U.S.-Russian scientific liaison on the International Space Station project; as project scientist for USU’s Space Dynamics Laboratory; an officer and meteorologist in the United States Air Force; and taught on the faculty of three universities. He has published work in the fields of spacecraft-environment interactions, quantum optics and climate. Rob has been with the Utah Climate Center since 2009. He lives in Logan and skis the Bear River Range, in a perpetual search for the perfect turn...

Yesterday's little disturbance has moved on and things are warming up quite nicely across Utah. Learn more about the warming trend from our knowledgeable friends at the Utah Climate Center.

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Valentine's Day forecast from the Utah Climate Center:  "A wintery smooch for some of this year's broken hearted skiers..."

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