Mackinzie Hamilton


Mackinzie Hamilton started her career in 2009 as a reporter for 610 AM KVNU and staff writer for Cache Valley before joining UPR in 2011. A freshman at Utah State University, she is majoring in Journalism and communications with a minor in vocal performance.

Patrick Wiggins

Patrick Wiggins, 64, may be circling around Tooele in his 4-seat Cessna 172 on any given day, but sometimes he's not the one flying the plane- a girl is. The retired military airplane mechanic and pilot volunteers with two non-profit organizations that aim to get girls up in the air: Girls with Wings, and Women of Aviation Worldwide.

"Well, girls deserve flight plans, not fairy tales," he said.

If you look up at the night sky this weekend you may notice "a rare celestial event," as some are calling it. The full moon on June 22 is no ordinary moon, it’s the closest our lunar neighbor will be to earth in its annual elliptical orbit.

That means Saturday’s moon is a "Supermoon," the largest and brightest full moon of 2013. NASA Ambassador to Utah, Patrick Wiggins says at face value that sounds pretty cool, but it turns out there really isn’t anything that super about the "Supermoon."

Maggie Nawyn hasn’t even started high school but already the 15-year-old has started an orchestra, appeared in a music video alongside singer Alex Boyé, and heads an organization that aims to save a century-old building in Brigham City.

The Christensen Academy of Music and Dancing had sat unused for over two decades before Brigham City bought the building in the early 2000’s. They planned to restore it to its previous grandeur but the money for the project ran dry after the exterior work to the two-story building was complete. So when it was rumored the building would be torn down, Nawyn stepped in.

Animal Colony specialist Stacy Brummer made the trip from Springville last week with two unlikely passengers -- a pair of black bears.  The four-month old cubs, Koda and Whiskey, will spend the next few months at the USDA National Wildlife Research Center Predator Research Center in Millville before being released into the wild.  

A man accused of robbing a department store in Logan not once, but twice has been arrested.

24-year-old Logan resident Richard Jensen was apprehended around 2 P.M. on April 16 as he tried to walk out of Kohl’s with merchandise he hadn't paid for.

According to North Park Police Corporal Shawn Bennett, Jensen was trying to steal two pairs of underwear and some socks. In March, Jensen was caught on security tape stealing similar items and Kohl’s employees believe he may have struck a third time but lacked the evidence to prove it.

Boston Marathon

This story originally aired as three separate stories. They have been weaved together for a more complete picture of what happened in Boston. 

Two explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon. While people panicked, police tried to make sense of what just happened and prevent any other explosions.

According to the Boston Marathon website, more than 350 runners registered for Monday's race were Utahns. One of these runners, Kristen Munson said she was one of the lucky ones.

Alex Carillo was on his way to feed cattle when he saw the smoke. A house near 7400 South on State Road 65 Hyrum was in flames. Carillo used his cell phone to snap some of the first images of the burning home.



"Since right now it's time to do like, start working on the grounds I thought they were just burning the ground," says Carillo as he scrolls through the pictures. "But once I looked deeper into it I saw that it was a house that was in flames not a field."


Police say there are no obvious signs of foul play in the death of a 64-year-old man found face down in the under a bridge in Logan River Friday, March 29.

66-year-old Eric Larsen likes to take his dog, Buddy, outdoors three or four times a day and the bridge near his apartment on Riverwalk Parkway is his favorite spot because he likes to watch the fish in the river.

"My dog stopped over here on the bridge to relieve himself and I looked up and saw it," Larsen says. "I thought it was a maniquin at first but I realized it was body. He was face down in the water."


Two military helicopters drew quite a crowd to the Utah State University HPER field on Thursday.

For an hour, The Utah National Guard and the Utah State Army ROTC program gave the public a chance to get inside the cockpit of the UH-60s or black hawk helicopters.

But the helicopters weren’t just for show. At one pm this afternoon the ROTC cadets went through training with the Utah National Guard to familiarize themselves with the aircraft.

Three beavers remain in critical condition after they were rescued on March 26 from an area that is contaminated with diesel.  The beavers have severe burns to their eyes and skin and have been taken to Ogden’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. Test results will reveal if the animals have suffered any internal damage.