Dani Hayes

Assistant News Director & Online Managing Editor

Dani, hailing from Highland, Utah, graduated from Utah State University with a BS in journalism and a minor in art history. The plan was to become an art critic at some exotic area in Europe but then she discovered public radio during an internship at UPR. After graduation she worked for the LDS Church's radio station called the Mormon Channel. After 2 1/2 years there, she was drawn back to Logan to be a full-time employee at Utah Public Radio. She handles the UPR website and all its social media platforms, as well as sharing the newsroom load with Kerry Bringhurst. She also produces various UPR original series.

When she's not at work, you can find her adventuring or planning a new adventure on Pinterest. She loves to dance - specifically Scottish dance. She's currently training to become a certified Scottish dance teacher through the official dance board in Scotland. And she believes that everything in life can be related back to a Seinfeld episode.  

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Jason Gilmore

"Roots of Brazil" is a 5-part radio series exploring Brazil's cultural origins by illuminating Salvador da Bahia, a city at the center of the country's rich history. Producer Dani Hayes sat down with those who were able to travel to Salvador and interview those who are influencing modern-day Brazil.

Dani Hayes

Traffic on Logan’s Main Street was diverted for several hours Friday morning. Local fire crews and emergency vehicles blocked traffic while battling a blaze on the south end of Main Street.

The fire department was called at 6:19 a.m. Friday. Craig Humphreys, fire marshal for the Logan City Fire Department, said when crews arrived at the location, smoke and flames were showing from the structure.