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Utah Transportation
1:41 pm
Wed August 20, 2014

Hackers Sabotage Driverless Vehicles


As you wake up from your afternoon commute, you realize that your self-driving car has taken an unexpected detour into the front lawn of the police chief’s house. A hacker has used your car for a joyride while you were in the drivers seat.

The autonomous vehicle is expected to be the future of transportation but there are problems that need to be solved before it becomes a reality.

Assistant professor at Utah State University, Ryan Gerdes, leads a research group that was given a grant of $1.2 million to address the potential for malicious attacks from hackers.

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After a year-long performing stint in Milan, Italy, Ali  graduated with a Bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance at Utah State University in May 2014.

Forever a closet poet and journal writer, she decided to take the plunge and explore different mediums, with public radio finding a special place in her heart. To her, there has been nothing more satisfying than combining her two loves: music and writing. She is currently working as a freelance Arts and Culture reporter with UPR, as well as continuing performing and teaching as a collaborative and chamber pianist.

This December she will be applying to graduate school to pursue a masters degree in journalism, in attempts to satisfy her insatiable appetite for learning.

Utah Education
11:10 am
Wed August 20, 2014

Northern Utah Teacher Creates Reading Curriculum Using Movement

Credit ABC's and All of Me

"Alphabet knowledge, or the knowledge of letters names, sounds, and their symbols are absolutely essential for children to read and write," said Dr. Cindy Jones, an Assistant Professor at Utah State University's Emma Eccles Jones College of Education.

“It’s been identified by the National Early Literacy Panel as among the strongest, most durable predictor of later literacy success,” she said.

There are a number of programs being developed to help children learn to read, she says, including one created by a Northern Utah mother and public school educator.

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Utah News
6:42 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Utah Surpasses Herbert’s 100,000 Jobs In 1,000 Days Goal

Utah celebrated reaching an economic goal almost three years in the making this week.

Tuesday, Utah officials and business representatives gathered in Salt Lake City to celebrate the completion of a job-creation goal more than three years in the making.

In 2012, Gov. Gary Herbert set a statewide goal to create 100,000 jobs in just 1,000 days, pushing specifically for private sector job creation. The deadline recently passed and the state not only reached the audacious goal, but surpassed it with 112,000 created jobs.

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Utah Weather
6:00 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Utah City Sees Severe Rainstorms And Flooding; Cleanup Underway

Cleanup is underway in one southern Utah city following severe rainstorms that left some residents with flooded homes.

Washington city saw heavy rainfall yesterday afternoon, says City Police Chief Jim Keith.
“What basically happened is we had about 20 percent of our annual rain fall within a 70 minute period yesterday afternoon around 4 o'clock and so what that equates to is about 2 inches of rain in about an hour,” Keith said.

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Access Utah
1:58 pm
Tue August 19, 2014

Suicide And Hope: Moving From Darkness To Light On Access Utah Tuesday

Robin Williams' apparent suicide in August left many fans and family stunned and affected. Author Wendy Parmley speaks on Access Utah about finding hope after suicide.
Credit Utah Public Radio

Robin Williams’ apparent suicide has us not only remembering his life and talent but trying to come to terms with the reality of suicide. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, "Suicide claims more than 38,000 lives each year in the United States alone, with someone dying by suicide every 13.7 minutes. A suicide attempt is made every minute of every day, resulting in nearly one million attempts made annually." Utah author and suicide prevention advocate Wendy Parmley knows this reality all too well. Her new book “Hope after Suicide: One Woman's Journey from Darkness to Light,” details her journey following the suicide death of her mother nearly 40 years ago. She was 12-years-old at the time, the oldest of five children, and her mother was just 31. For years, Ms. Parmley locked away the pain of her mother's death. But after a disabling bike accident in September 2011 that left her unable to return to her nursing career, she began to write her mother's story--and her own healing journey began.

She says, “I know too well the feelings of loss, helplessness, and hopelessness that follow the suicide death of a loved one and I mourn for Williams' family, for his wife, and for his children who must continue to live in the aftermath of his unexpected death. Suicide's effects are devastating, its impact vast... [But] I know there can be hope after suicide. There is light beyond the darkness. I'm confident [I] can help those who have survived suicide loss understand they are not alone. My purpose with 'Hope After Suicide' is to reach out to others who have experienced the tragic loss of loved ones to suicide, to those who are contemplating suicide, and to those who are still silent, not knowing what to say."

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Utah Politics
6:40 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Poll: Utahns Support State’s Efforts To Block Gay Marriage

Utahns are overwhelmingly in opposition to gay marriage; however, those polled also felt the Supreme Court would not rule in favor of the state's ban.

A new poll measuring statewide opinions on same-sex marriage was released Monday. Some results of the survey were unexpected.

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Utah Rankings
4:35 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Logan Rated As Second-Best College Town In America

Logan, Utah is home to Utah State University, and was listed as the second best college town in America.
April Ashland Utah Public Radio

An annual list ranking America’s top college towns has named Logan, Utah as one of the top 10 Best College Towns, 2014. editor Matt Carmichael says for a mid-sized city, having a college or university town can help move a place from being a good place to live to being a great place to live.  Gary Saxton is director of the Logan Downtown Business Alliance.  He says he is not surprised that Logan was listed as number two in the rankings.

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Utah News
3:47 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Pit Bull Survives Arrow Wound, Authorities Search For Culprit

Sarge, the pitbull found injured on Highway 91 near Ivins is recovering and in the care of a foster family. The prognosis for a full recovery is promising. The prospects for finding the individuals responsible for shooting the dog with an arrow and leaving him for dead is less hopeful without the public's help.

Sarge is named after Washington County Sgt. Kurt Bowen, who rendered first aid to the dog after finding him wandering and injured on Friday.

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Arts and Culture
2:52 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

The Art Of Making Steel Seem Weightless: Michael Bingham

Cache Valley local Michael Bingham, in his studio with the skeleton of his enormous, floating astronaut sculpture.
Ali Snow Utah Public Radio

When the Salt Lake Arts Council called for submissions for their temporary public art project in January, Cache Valley artist Michael Bingham heeded their call. His proposal was one of 12 selected to make their street sculpture visions a reality. 

Standing in the midst of this metal shop, there’s an overwhelming sense of power and of energy, and even danger. Perhaps it is from the massive machinery that fills the room, each with their own capabilities to cut, mold, and bend steel with ease.

This is the studio in which Cache Valley artist Michael Bingham works every day. We chatted together next to a giant, nine-foot-tall skeleton of an astronaut made out of steel rods and rebar. When thinking about what he could make that would align with the public art project’s theme, “Flying Objects,” he said an astronaut is immediately what came to mind.

“Probably a combination of things. Childhood dreams of wanting to be an astronaut [laughs]. Maybe like every other little boy," Bingham said. 

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