Meet the Interns

Aimee Cobabe - Reporter/Producer:

Aimee Cobabe is a reporter working on special projects. She's from Centerville, Utah and is studying broadcast journalism at Utah State University. In addition to her work at UPR, Aimee contributes regularly to A-TV News, the student-run TV newscast on campus. Aimee hopes to continue to work in radio for many years to come. She enjoys listening to Marketplace and Radiolab and her dream is to work for one of those programs in the future. 

Alyssa Robinson - Arts & Entertainment Reporter:

Alyssa is from Provo, Utah and is studying music therapy at Utah State University. Her career goals would be to use music to interact with others. 

Christy Achen - Access Utah Producer:

My name is Christy Achen and I am an interning as a producer for Access Utah. My family resides in southwest, KS. I am studying Animal Science and Agricultural Business and am a member of the Dairy Science club and Aggie Radio Station at Utah State University. After college, I hope to have a career in teaching others about agriculture and food. I like to spend a lot of time outside at the USU dairy farm or hiking through the canyon. 

Danny Kinka - Science Reporter:

There is no ecosystem on this planet that is not influenced by people. I am fascinated by questions that exist at the intersection of these two forces - nature and humanity - particularly where the separating lines become fuzzy. As a Ph.D. Candidate in Ecology at Utah State University I study the ecology and sociology of large carnivore conservation and management through the use of livestock guardian dogs. As a science reporter for Utah Public Radio, I try to balance healthy doses of wonder and irreverence in reporting on the science of nature and the human condition. From Chicago by way of Florida with a dash of the early-2000s D.C. metro scene, I also pretend to be a musician, brewer, and traveler in my spare time.

Ireland Yokom - Social Media:

Ireland Yokom is from Payette, Idaho. Payette is a small town right on the border of Oregon, around central Idaho. She is currently changing her major from anthropology with an emphasis in archaeology to pre-business, and will eventually be studying marketing with a concentration in public relations. At UPR, she works as a social media intern. For her career she hopes to be able to work somewhere where she can be promoting and marketing for a living.

Julie Kelso - Science Reporter:

As a PhD candidate in Ecology I study the effects of human development on nutrient and carbon cycling in rivers of north east Utah.  As a researcher on the iUtah project I engage with a variety of students and professionals interested in creating a sustainable water future for Utah by understanding how our water system operates as an integrated physical, biological, and social system (See  After graduating from USU I hope to use the skills I have developed while working at UPR  to facilitate communication and action between scientists, politicians, educators and constituents to enhance how science is used to help society.  When not on the USU campus I can usually be found in my kitchen listening to UPR or on a river somewhere in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming or Colorado.

Katherine Taylor - Reporter:

Katherine Taylor has been writing stories and taking pictures ever since her motor skills developed enough to let her. When she's not shooting photos for UPR, working toward her degree in journalism, or scooping ice cream at the best creamery in the state, she can often be found either cooking recipes she found on the internet or taking a nap. Her career goal is to one day share stories that connect people and build understanding of the world around us, while still having time to take naps. 

Spencer Hulsey - Access Utah Producer:

Spencer Hulsey is originally from Lindon Utah. He hosted a weekly radio show in high school called, Late Night Wednesday, on a local station. It was there that he first fell in love with broadcast and considered it as a career. He has worked with Aggie Radio , hosting a weekly show called Maddog and the Spooch, and he loves producing for Access Utah on UPR.  Currently studying communications at Utah State University, he hopes to one day host the Tonight Show.