Meet the Interns

Alyssa Roberts - Access Utah Producer:

Aly got her start in journalism delivering newspapers. Alone on the road in the middle of the night, her stereo was always tuned to public radio. With every newspaper she plopped on an elderly couple’s doorstep, she was more and more certain she wanted her stories to be the ones those old folks read — or listened to — over their morning bowl of Raisin Bran. Now, Aly can’t believe she’s lucky enough to produce a radio show, not to mention one as stellar as Access Utah. When she’s not in the production booth, you can find her at her second job at the Island Market in Logan, or curled up with a cappuccino and her latest copy of The New Yorker.

Bronson Teichert - Agriculture, Business & Economics Reporter:

I am the agriculture, business and economics reporter for Utah Public Radio. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Cokeville, Wyoming and have always loved agriculture. While serving an LDS mission in a small farming town on the Island of Sicily, the idea came to me that everyday people need to know more about where their food comes from. I am now doing a double major in agricultural science and broadcast journalism. There are journalists who report on Ag issues, but mainly to those directly involved in the industry. I want to include the everyday consumer in my stories. My wife, who is studying to be a social studies teacher, has helped me achieve my goals thus far. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. My ultimate goal is to one day return to Cokeville and continue ranching with my family and do freelance work from home.

Julie Kelso - Science Reporter:

As a PhD candidate in Ecology I study the effects of human development on nutrient and carbon cycling in rivers of north east Utah.  As a researcher on the iUtah project I engage with a variety of students and professionals interested in creating a sustainable water future for Utah by understanding how our water system operates as an integrated physical, biological, and social system.  After graduating from USU I hope to use the skills I have developed while working at UPR  to facilitate communication and action between scientists, politicians, educators and constituents to enhance how science is used to help society.  When not on the USU campus I can usually be found in my kitchen listening to UPR or on a river somewhere in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming or Colorado.

Leslie Forero - Science Reporter:

I am from Redding in Northern California.  As an ecologist, I'm interested in learning more about the forces are quietly structuring the world around us.  I study how interactions between plants affect grassland yields at Cedar Creek, Minnesota.  When I'm not at home, the office, or the prairie at Cedar Creek, you can often find me in the studio producing stories about ecology, and other forces structuring our world like sexism and poverty.  This is my first time working as a journalist.  I'm glad to have the opportunity to learn more about science communication as my ideal career would combine outreach and research. My hobbies include knitting, sewing, backpacking, and skiing.

Matilyn Mortensen - Reporter:

Matilyn Mortensen is from Herriman, Utah. After high school, she moved to Logan to attend Utah State University and is majoring in journalism and communications with a print emphasis. If all goes well, she will graduate in 2019. Matilyn is a news reporter at UPR. In the past, she has written for the Logan Herald Journal and the Ogden Standard-Examiner. Her favorite types of stories are feature pieces. She enjoys reporting because it gives her the opportunity to ask people all the questions she wants about almost anything. While not reporting, Matilyn enjoys going to concerts and visiting new places. Her goals include reading more books, painting more pictures, and learning to cook more things. 

Owen Sidwell - Arts and Culture Reporter:

Owen Sidwell is an avid rhythm fan. All of those complex time signatures and 16th note triplets have always been extremely pleasing to him. He’s a percussionist and drummer, and spends most of his time not working on UPR stories and drumming instead. He grew up singing in Cache Children’s Choir for many years, and still sings in his own barbershop quartet. He loves the arts, which is what brought him to be the arts reporter at UPR. On the rare occasion he actually meets a deadline, you can sometimes hear him talk about different artistic events and projects that Utahns are working on. He has lived in Cache Valley for his entire life, so we should hope that he knows a thing or two about the arts and culture of Utah.

Riana Gayle - Science Reporter:

Our natural and built environments are constantly changing. As a M.S. candidate in Ecology at Utah State University, I explore how societies understand and adapt to that change when it manifests as something such as a natural hazard event. More specifically, I study how societies proactively mitigate against the natural hazard, drought, through policy adoption throughout the U.S. After graduating, I hope to use the skills that I have learned as a researcher to collaborate further with citizens, scientists and policy makers. Originally from the busy city of Charlotte, North Carolina I've enjoyed my transition out west and the limitless opportunities offered by Utah’s wild landscapes.

Spencer Hulsey - Access Utah Producer:

Spencer Hulsey is originally from Lindon Utah. He hosted a weekly radio show in high school called, Late Night Wednesday, on a local station. It was there that he first fell in love with broadcast and considered it as a career. He has worked with Aggie Radio , hosting a weekly show called Maddog and the Spooch, and he loves producing for Access Utah on UPR.  Currently studying communications at Utah State University, he hopes to one day host the Tonight Show.