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  • Fresh Folk- July 12


      My show is ending next week, so it’s appropriate that this week I feature the blues, with new releases from the legendary Bobby Rush, and the powerhouse writer Deanna Bogart. I’ll also play songs from new discs by Liz Kennedy, Lucky Peterson, and Tommy Malone, among other talented artists. Join me and listen this Saturday at 8pm, for Fresh Folk, on Utah Public Radio.

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  • Utah Science
  • Just How Super Is A Super Moon?

     You might have recently heard the term “super moon” thrown around. These moons seem to be in vogue with the media because of their size and brightness; but are the super moons really that special? NASA Ambassador Patrick Wiggins doesn’t think we should get our hopes up.

    “Don’t expect them to look that much different than a regular full moon,” Wiggins cautions.

    So what makes a super moon? Well, the moon orbits the earth in an elliptical fashion, meaning its orbit isn’t completely circular.

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  • The Zesty Garden
  • Zesty Garden - July 17

    There’s nothing worse than finding a growing, succulent peach taken over by earwigs, or the anticipation of digging a sweet crunchy carrot in the middle of winter, only to find only carrot tops...but no carrots! Diane Alston handles your pest questions. Then, Jerry Goodspeed details the dangers of Vinca in Wait, Wait…Don’t Plant That! Then it's on to the rose in Petals and Prose with Helen Cannon.

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  • Utah Science
  • Students To Take First Glimpse Of High Atmospheric Winds

    Undergraduate researchers from Utah State University will soon attach an experiment onto a balloon the size of a stadium. The experiment has been years in the making. USU was selected to take part in a new NASA initiative that aims to involve students in research that could make an impact on the scientific community.

    Student Team Leader and System Engineer Landon Terry describes what the experiment looks like.

    “Well, it’s about a foot and a half by a foot by about a foot tall and it looks like kind of a shoe box,” said Terry.

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  • Utah News
  • Morrill Act Anniversary Marks Beginning Of U.S. Polygamy Prosecution

      152 years ago congress passed the first law banning polygamous marriage. UPR reporter Taylor Halversen spoke with Dr. Kathryn Daines, a recently retired professor from Brigham Young University and Martha Bradley, Dean of the Honors College at the University of Utah and scholar of modern polygamy about the history of polygamy in the LDS church, the effect of this law had on LDS culture, and how we have come to the current state of polygamy prosecution in the United States. 

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  • Utah Crime and Courts
  • Texas Killing Spree Suspect A Former Logan Resident

    A man accused of engaging in a fatal shooting spree in Texas this week has ties to Cache Valley. On Wednesday, 33-year-old former Logan resident Ronald Lee Haskell shot seven members of his ex-wife’s family.

    Haskell reportedly dressed as a FedEx employee to gain entrance to the home. The 15-year old daughter of the family attempted to shut the door after telling Haskell her parents were not home. He broke in the door and held the five children at gunpoint until their parents arrived, after which he shot the five children and their parents. 

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  • Utah Education
  • High School Students Gather At Utah State To Research With Professors

    Utah State University’s Biotechnology Summer Academy is currently underway. 31 teens from Utah, and the surrounding Western States are working side-by-side with USU scientists and engineers on a variety of research projects Tuesday to Thursday, July 8-10th.

    This year’s Summer Academy exposes high school students to numerous career opportunities available in the Biotechnology field.

    “It’s a program where students come to Utah State University, for a week. Students listen to talks about working in biotechnology,” said Aaron Thomas, director of the Academy.

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  • Utah News
  • Teen Drowns In Hyrum Reservoir

    A 14-year-old boy drowned Wednesday evening while swimming with family and friends at Hyrum State Park. The young teenager, identified as Tucker Smith of American Fork, Utah, was swimming in a cove on the south west side of the reservoir with his older brother and cousins. While swimming from the west bank to the east bank, he became fatigued and attempted to turn back.
    Witnesses stated that he began to panic and was unable to reach the shoreline. Family members contacted the 911 Public Safety Dispatch center and reported the incident. First responders, as well as citizens already in the area on their boats, responded to the location of the incident in an attempt to rescue the teen. However, he went under the water at about 7:30 pm and did not resurface.

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