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  • Gov. Herbert Announces Next Utah Supreme Court Appointment

    Gov. Herbert announced in a press conference Thursday his appointment of an associate justice to the Utah Supreme Court.

    “I really have had the opportunity to choose from the very best that Utah has to offer to put on the Supreme Court. So today, I am pleased to announce my nomination for the Utah Supreme Court as Judge Constandinos G. Himanos,” he said.  

    Judge Himonas has served as a trial judge for Utah’s 3rd District Court since 2004.

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  • Utah Environment
  • Volunteers, Wildlife Officials Gather Pronghorn Antelope For Testing And Redistribution

    As the sun peaked over the mountain tops on Dec. 16, the sound of helicopter blades pounded across the sage flats south of Loa and Bicknell in south-central Utah. The sound of the choppers was a sure sign that biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources were conducting a pronghorn capture in Wayne County.

    “The Parker Mountain area produces a lot of pronghorn,” said Teresa Griffin, regional wildlife manager for the DWR. “Over the years, we’ve captured thousands of pronghorn here. After capturing them, we moved them to various locations across Utah. We’ve also given some to other states.”

    Capturing pronghorn requires helicopters and a lot of helping hands.

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  • Access Utah
  • Holiday Music And Readings On Thursday's Access Utah Special

    For our Access Utah Holiday Special, we bring back guitarist and USU Professor Emeritus of Music Mike Christiansen, and U of U Associate Professor of  Theatre Studies and playwright Tim Slover, to bring you great holiday guitar music and holiday readings on today's program. For more information on Mike Christiansen and Tim Slover, please visit their websites.  From the Utah Public Radio family, we hope your holidays are filled with great music and stories, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  • Utah Families
  • Nibley Woman Spearheads Project To Feed School Children Over Weekends

    In a small warehouse just off Logan City's main street a group of volunteers move crates of food. Workers are cold and they struggle to move canned goods with gloved hands.

    "It is really cold this morning, but we are here every week during the school year come rain or shine," said Nibley resident Peggy Reese.

    Reese began the "Still Cool After School" supplemental food program five years ago when she was working at Ellis Elementary. The program brings community volunteers together each week of the school year to gather donated food items. Peanut butter, cereal, soups, and pasta are some of the staples they place inside more than one hundred backpacks. On Fridays the backpacks are distributed throughout elementary schools by administrators in the Logan School District. Together they select students who qualify for federal food assistance and also demonstrate a need for nutrition services on weekends.

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  • Access Utah
  • Doing Good In Our Communities On Access Utah Thursday

    During this holiday time of year, charitable giving seems to come to the forefront. But there is a lot of good being done in our communities throughout the year. We hope to encourage this good by spotlighting several non-profit groups on Wednesday’s AU.

    We especially invite you to highlight a non-profit you especially admire and support. We’ll be talking to representatives from Sunshine Terrace Foundation, Loaves and Fishes, and Global Village Gifts in Logan; Wabi Sabi in Moab; The Salt Lake City Mission; and the Utah Food Bank. 

    Contacting These Non-profits:

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  • Utah Education
  • Report Cards In For Utah Schools, Grades Across The Board

    The Utah State Office of Education has released its second report card for Utah schools. The 2014 grades range from A’s to Fs, with most schools getting a B.  

    Ninety-three elementary schools and just six high schools received an A grade. Included on that list were Davis High, Viewmont High, Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, Success Academy, the Utah Academy of Science and InTech Collegiate High School.

    Principal Jason Stanger at Logan’s InTech said the school’s focus on providing college-level classes to students helps set them apart.

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  • Utah News
  • Update: USU Students Dismissed From Lawsuit After Peer Died Hitting Slackline With Bike

    The family of a Utah college student who died after riding his bike into a slack line tied between two trees has agreed to dismiss three students from a wrongful death lawsuit.

    The rope was set up by the students on Utah State University's campus to practice their balance. 

    Media reports that Rafael Seminario, an attorney for one of the students, said three students reached a confidential settlement with the family of 24-year-old Eric Anderson to avoid an emotion trial.

    The Anderson family attorney declined to comment Monday.

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  • Utah Environment
  • Utah Professor Part Of Global Chorus On Sustainability

    The thoughts of one Utah professor will now be paired with the likes of Hawking, Goodall and Gorbachev in a new conversation about global sustainability. 

    Dr. Joseph Tainter of Utah State University was asked to contribute to Global Chorus, a 365-statement compilation by Todd MacLean that brings together thoughts of leading minds on how to solve environmental problems facing the earth and human species.

    Tainter said he was chosen to contribute because MacLean wanted the perspective of a variety of writers.

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